Poems for the American Brother

Winner of the 2020 Slipstream Press Chapbook Contest

"It's easy to read Poems for the American Brother as a single poem, an elegy with differing forms of sound and shape seamlessly united in focus and intent. Stephan's superb handling of syntax creates a finely tuned and honest voice that convincingly carries his fondness for his lost brothers home to the heart. These are moving poems brimful with weight and virtue."

- Marc Harshman
Author of Woman in Red Anorak,
Winner of the Lynx House Prize for Poetry,
and Poet Laureate of West Virginia


Finalist in the 2019 Finishing Line Press Chapbook Contest

"The first collection of its kind, Mycopoetry is a vibrant celebration of mushrooms, molds, lichens, yeasts and the wide-ranging places where these unique organisms live and thrive, in natural settings but also fully amongst us all. Stephan is a poet-scientist with a deep passion and a truly artful ability to dramatize how the realm of mycology 'is boundless.' As such, he guides us to see, for instance, how mycelium spread as delicate networks under forest floors. But his vision also widens out in expanding arcs, where mushrooms and lichens connect human experiences across vast landscapes, from the Alaskan prairies to Brooklyn, from the backwoods to every person’s body. For Stephan, science and poetry coexist in richly overlapping worlds whose bonds are best expressed as revelations about how we make life meaningful."

- Donald J. McNutt
Editor, Blueline Magazine